“A vacation from your vacation”. You’re not the only one to feel exhausted upon returning from a vacation. That need for just one more day before returning back to work. Well, avoid the stress of travel all together and have a stay-cation in your beautiful Central Oregon! Check into a luxury suite, sleep-in and then take in those popular tourist attractions that you just haven’t gotten around to yet. We’re all guilty for procrastinating on a visit to Crater Lake or Tumalo Falls, but make it happen during your stay-cation!

Reasons to make your next vacation a stay-cation:

  1. Central Oregon is beautiful! There’s a laundry list of incredible things to do (that even the locals haven’t seen it all)
  2. Save money– an opportunity to splurge (a little) on a hotel in Bend minus the exorbitant travel expenses for you and your family
  3. If you forgot to pack anything, you’re only minutes away from home
  4. Less stress, enough said
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