Summers in Bend will convince anyone that this is the place to live. If you’ve been here (or live here), you know exactly what I’m talking about. A good portion of the country’s average Joes think it’s raining across the entire state of Oregon..all the time. Why would anyone want to move to the rain? Maybe not such a bad reputation to help keep the population down? In any event, there’s a handful of folks who bypass the rumors and pay us a visit here in Central Oregon during the summer…and then instantly want to figure out how to move here. You’ve seen the type. They walk around in awe of what they were able to accomplish in one day– breakfast at the Victorian, paddle boarding the Deschutes river within city limits, a quick mountain bike ride on Whoops Trail and a happy hour on one of town’s many outdoor patios. Not a bad way to spend one’s vacation and certainly not a bad way of life. A majority of Bend residence these days are displaced so we have to play nice and let the visiting tourist give it their best shot to call Bend home. It’s just how it goes; we were there once. And for all those who’ve fallen for this home away from home…”23 Things to Know Before Moving to Bend, Oregon

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