Beer. When it comes to this alcoholic beverage, you love exploring the different tastes and textures offered by distilleries and brewers in your locale. But did you know that Bend, Oregon is Beer Town USA? Here at the heart of Central Oregon, Bend holds the record with more per capita breweries than any of Oregon’s other cities. With a plethora of choice craft breweries in our little, but growing, mountain community, we want to share a tasting experience with visitors from around the world by offering the Bend Ale Trail™ adventure.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds with a Weekend Adventure Along the Bend Ale Trail™

Visitors to Bend will want to know where to find the craft beers that the locals so often rave about because you wouldn’t want to miss out on the best brews. Taste them all by forging your way along the Bend Ale Trail™, a beer-tasting “beerventure” through 16 local breweries. You can while exploring our delightful local attractions.

The Bend Visitor Center sponsors the Bend Ale Trail™, welcoming visitors to the region with a taste of our world-class craft beers, while promoting local attractions.

And you can win a prize!

Just follow the Bend Ale Trail™ Atlas, visiting each participating location, sampling their celebrated suds, and collecting stamps in your Bend Ale Trail™ Passport. (No purchase is required to receive these free stamps.) Collecting 10 stamps makes you eligible to receive a Bend Silipint in honor of your beer quest. Collect all 16 stamps and you’ll be eligible to receive an official Bend Ale Trail™ bottle opener as well.

To claim your prize, simply submit your completed Bend Ale Trail™ Passport to the Bend Visitor Center.

Pace Yourself on the Bend Ale Trail™

The Bend Ale Trail™ is a great way to spend a fun weekend in the Central Oregon region. Check out each brewery and their hours of operation here ahead of time so you can plan your adventure,. remembering that it’s wise to take the weekend to complete the Bend Ale Trail™! Then walk to each brewery, or get transportation from bus tours and car services so you don’t have to worry about the ride home. Drink your fill and, since you’re not driving, have one for the road when participating in this great activity.

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